Special Valves

Pre-filling valves

Pre-filling valves are hydraulically piloted and directly mounted on the press cylinder; they offer the ideal condition to reduce to the minimum pressure drops and are specifically designed to fit customer cylinders in press applications.

General features

  • Full bore valve
  • Adjustable switching speed of actuator
  • Independent opening of the poppet valve from the piloting piston
  • Spool NC position guaranteed by the spring
  • Metal to metal seal
  • Hydraulic shock absorber system between the piloting piston and the poppet valve
  • Equipped with two proximity switches

Technical data

  • Fluid Water and HFA
  • Working pressure up to 350 bar (35 MPa)
  • Ambient temperature +2°C ÷ +60°C
  • Connections UNI
  • Materials Body in carbon steel
Pre-filling valves (6.92 MB)

Anti-fall valves

Automatic anti-fall system to isolate the cylinder supports of the press crossbeam in case of press maintenance or serious accidental falls of press feeding pipes.

  • Dimension: DN40 – 1 1/2” connection
  • Dimension: DN50 – 2” connection
  • Dimension: DN65 – 2 1/2” connection

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