SMT Scharf Group is the leading supplier of rail-bound transport systems. Extensive knowledge, worldwide presence, high-performance products and long standing competence in solving difficult transport tasks from the foundation of our worldwide reputation in mining, tunnelling and other industries.

SMT Scharf products are distributed in Australia by INORAiL.

Diesel-powered monorail systems

With more than 40 years experience in installations diesel-powered locomotives and more than 800 installations of our machines we have made an essential contribution to the rationalisation of transport in mining.

Monorails with diesel-powered locomotives are particularly designed for the transport of men and material in branched rail networks with varying gradients. By means of the diesel-powered monorail locomotive even difficult transport problems can be solved.

These diesel-powered monorail locomotives are type-tested and approved by EXAM, for use in explosive atmosphere with a methane content of up to 1.5%.

Product features of diesel-powered monorail locomotives

  • 130kW diesel engine with dry-type exhaust gas cooling system
  • drives with parallel contact pressure system
  • efficient generator for the supply of the intrinsically safe power supply
  • electrical starter system
  • modular design
  • consistent captive guidance of all travelling gears by amply dimensioned lateral guide rollers

Product features of the new powerful generation of diesel-powered monorail locomotives DZ 2200

  • Newly developed drives with parallel contact pressure system
  • Newly developed efficient generator for the intrinsically safe power supply
  • Modular design
  • Consistent captive guidance of all travelling gears by largely dimensioned lateral guide rollers
  • data exchange between the operator's cabins via intrinsically safe control

Technical data diesel-powered monorail system DZ 2200

Type of drive:
Diesel hydraulic
Engine Liebherr / Scharf:
Direct injection engine with exhaust gas turbo charger and charge cooler
2.5 m/s
2,5 m/s *
Optional Speed:
4 m/s
Tank volume:
140 L
With curve radius horizontal:
4 m
With curve radius vertical:
8 m
Frictional wheel diameter:
340 or 450 mm
Climbing ability:
30 degrees (larger inclinations upon inquiry)
Tractive force:
Up to 120 kN


Technical data diesel-powered monorail DZ1500

Drive system:
Diesel - hydraulic
Diesel engine:
4-cylinder Scharf / Liebherr turbo diesel
Rated power:
84 kW bei 1,800 min -1
2,5 m/s *
Diesel tank:
Volume 140 L
Horiz. curve radius:
Min. 4 m
Vertical curve radius:
Min. 8 m
Friction wheel diameter:
340 mm
Pulling force:
80 kN*

* Depends on selected hydraulic motor




  • Doubling of efficiency as compared to conventional drive motor
  • Number and arrangement of travelling gears can be varied to suit the individual requirements
  • Minimal exhaust gas and noise pollution
  • Hydraulic motor starter

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