The Long Ride Australia - Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

Tim has now completed The Long Ride and is excitedly planning for the next one.

A great big thank you to our sponsors below and the many individuals who also kindly donated. 

Currently Tim has raised $3,179 for Prostate Cancer Foundation with more pledges to come in.



Dear diary:

Ok so we made it to Mt Isa today via Crocodile Dundee’s Pub, the only live wildlife so far were the turkeys in the pub carpark - not us, real turkeys.

The logistical organisation of housing and feeding 300 bikers in the outback is something to behold!

The North Gregory in Winton last night had many men to a bed at one point, but sorted it eventually...ample supply of beer and good tucker calmed everyone.

Weather is hot n sunny after a cold start in Maitland, maybe take the last lining out of my jacket tomorrow even!

Stopped at Mick Dundee’s pub for a beer then into Mount Isa.
Left for the NT yesterday- last state to tick off the list for me, heading towards Tennant Creek on 130kph limit roads eats up the Ks and the fuel.

The roadhouses are few and very far between so had to tuck in behind the screen to keep the fuel consumption down - not slowing down! 

Paid $2.19 litre to fill up at Tennant Creek when we arrived - note to self: buy octane booster, even 95 octane is getting rare. 

Leaving for Katherine today, going to be warm, 34c yesterday.

Riding into Darwin with 400 bikes was a buzz - thanks to everyone - especially Postie for helping out with fuel when I 'nearly' ran out.

Thanks to all the riders for company and great banter on the way - see you all at the next ride!

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