INORAiL cable connector trolley

INORAiL cable connector trolley reduces risk of injury to staff handling cables, improving the operation for connecting or disconnecting heavy cable ends in confined or awkward spaces

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The Long Ride Australia - Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

Tim has now completed The Long Ride and is excitedly planning for the next one.

A great big thank you to our sponsors below and the many individuals who also kindly donated. 

Currently Tim has raised $3,179 for Prostate Cancer Foundation with more pledges to come in.

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Battery Electric Toyota Ute

German materials handling manufacturer Scharf have developed a German engineered battery powered all electric Toyota cruiser ute.

Launched at the BAUMA trade fair in Munich this month the vehicle has been earmarked for sale to the Mining Industry globally including Australia.

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Longwall Pump Shearer Water Boost Pressure Control

Positive displacement plunger pumps provide a highly efficient solution for boosted water supply to the coal face, however, managing a fixed displacement pump flow can be troublesome when water volume demand varies significantly to meet face operation.

Inorail have solved the problem by developing extensive control logic with minor hardware upgrades to accurately supply demand for face operations, while also enabling multiple water pumps to be sequenced automatically.

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Monorail Overhaul

Inorail have successfully completed a Full Longwall Monorail overhaul for a client in the Queensland Coal Industry.

This overhaul consisted of;

  • Full strip and rebuild of 9 ‘Scharf’ Germany supplied, monorail “Shunt Trolleys” (MULE)
  • Total overhaul and repair of some 140 trolleys for hose and cable handling
  • Modifications to 3.3kV and hydraulic break point frames to eliminate the danger of personnel injury when servicing
  • Total replacement of all hydraulic hosing, manifolds and electric cabling
  • Engineering design work for reconfigurations and modifications
  • Repair, upgrade and modification of 12 individual monorail transport sleds
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Main Gate Controlled Pump Station (MCPS)

Inorail have successfully developed the first Australian inbye, pressure control system for Longwall Pump Stations.

Immediate improvement of 15% system pressure over conventional on-board control has been achieved in the longwall hydraulic delivery pressure of an existing mining operation in NSW.

The improved pressure is measured at the main-gate area prior to distribution across the Longwall ring main distribution system.

The customer commented recently that they know immediately if the system is not turned on because their Roof Support leg set pressure begins to reveal a broader spectrum of pressure fluctuation.

The MCPS method can be applied to any new or existing pump station employing Inoxihp, Kamat, Hauhinco, RMI or similar positive displacement plunger pumps at the longwall pump station.

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New Monorail System

Inorail supply Moolarben Coal Operations with a new Longwall Monorail system, designed by Inorail in Australia, all manufactured in Australia and Germany with engineering cooperation between Inorail and SMT Scharf.

The system employed standard Scharf material handling systems to mount the Longwall Pumps under the monorail assembly which included the ability to negotiate curved rail, dips and swilleys while continuing to operate.

The Inorail design includes a simple high torque haulage drive system that moves the 70 tonne pump station along the rail while standard Scharf pneumatic drives move the hose and cable delivery concertina sections.

The Monorail mounted pump station is simple, economical and easily maintained, while the system includes 2 x longwall fluid reservoirs of up to 10,000 L capacity all designed to negotiate a 1:10 incline/decline without the need for transfer pumps to manage the fluid levels.

The complete monorail system with integral pump station is about to complete the first block of coal in June and has successfully achieved the specified performance parameters throughout the first production period.

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Tim Leeson answers how it's possible to achieve up to 15% more pressure at the main-gate crossover with MCPS.

What is MCPS?

Main-gate Controlled Pump Station: a system developed by INORAiL that will achieve up to 15% more pressure at the main-gate crossover.

What will MCPS do for us?

It will improve Roof Support function speed, it will improve the pressure available during gate end push operations.

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Monorails Saving Mines Big Dollars

A revolutionary monorail mounted longwall pump station developed by Australia's INORAiL in conjunction with Scharf Germany is set for international release.

Representing a 3.5% capital cost saving on a pump and trolleys set up commonly used in Australia, the first such unit is due to be delivered to Caterpillar in June 2017 for installation on Yancoal's Moolarben coal mine.

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Capital Savings of $4m Predicted

A unique Main-gate Controlled Pump Station developed by INORAiL specifically for longwall applications is now being marketed to all operators of new and existing longwalls.

We speak with INORAiL Managing Director Tim Leeson, and he shares why his team are convinced, based on their first-hand experience, that this new innovation will meet with strong demand as it is both cost effective and efficient.

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