Tim Leeson answers how it's possible to achieve up to 15% more pressure at the main-gate crossover with MCPS.

What is MCPS?

Main-gate Controlled Pump Station: a system developed by INORAiL that will achieve up to 15% more pressure at the main-gate crossover.

What will MCPS do for us?

It will improve Roof Support function speed, it will improve the pressure available during gate end push operations.

Can we install MCPS with our Pump Station?

Yes, MCPS can be installed by INORAiL to any manufacturers Longwall Pump Station.

Can a Longwall Pump ~tlon go on the INORAiL monorail?

Yes, the INORAiL Monorail System has standard mounting systems up to 50T payload.

Will a monorail mounted Pump Station negotiate Sm Radius corners through relocation operations?

Yes, mounting system options will achieve a number of options from 12m to 4m radius.

Will a monorail mounted Pump station continue to function through corners and during longwall relocation?

Yes, allowing relocation hydraulic power delivery to the face until disconnected for transport.

Are monorail components compatible with previous monorail supplier?

Yes, INORAiL is the official distributor for SMT Scharf, mules, trolleys and all spare parts are available from stock in Australia.

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