New Monorail System

Inorail supply Moolarben Coal Operations with a new Longwall Monorail system, designed by Inorail in Australia, all manufactured in Australia and Germany with engineering cooperation between Inorail and SMT Scharf.

The system employed standard Scharf material handling systems to mount the Longwall Pumps under the monorail assembly which included the ability to negotiate curved rail, dips and swilleys while continuing to operate.

The Inorail design includes a simple high torque haulage drive system that moves the 70 tonne pump station along the rail while standard Scharf pneumatic drives move the hose and cable delivery concertina sections.

The Monorail mounted pump station is simple, economical and easily maintained, while the system includes 2 x longwall fluid reservoirs of up to 10,000 L capacity all designed to negotiate a 1:10 incline/decline without the need for transfer pumps to manage the fluid levels.

The complete monorail system with integral pump station is about to complete the first block of coal in June and has successfully achieved the specified performance parameters throughout the first production period.

Inorail Monorails with integral Monorail Mounted Pump Stations are clearly an economical and successful alternative to traditional Australian mining track and skid mounted systems - ask us how we can help with a budget design exercise to improve your Longwall Hydraulic delivery system.

Main Gate Controlled Pump Station (MCPS)

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