Main Gate Controlled Pump Station (MCPS)

Inorail have successfully developed the first Australian inbye, pressure control system for Longwall Pump Stations.

Immediate improvement of 15% system pressure over conventional on-board control has been achieved in the longwall hydraulic delivery pressure of an existing mining operation in NSW.

The improved pressure is measured at the main-gate area prior to distribution across the Longwall ring main distribution system.

The customer commented recently that they know immediately if the system is not turned on because their Roof Support leg set pressure begins to reveal a broader spectrum of pressure fluctuation.

The MCPS method can be applied to any new or existing pump station employing Inoxihp, Kamat, Hauhinco, RMI or similar positive displacement plunger pumps at the longwall pump station.

The method is simple, logical and cost effective; ask us how we can help you improve your Longwall hydraulic system pressure today.

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