Monorail Overhaul

Inorail have successfully completed a Full Longwall Monorail overhaul for a client in the Queensland Coal Industry.

This overhaul consisted of;

  • Full strip and rebuild of 9 ‘Scharf’ Germany supplied, monorail “Shunt Trolleys” (MULE)
  • Total overhaul and repair of some 140 trolleys for hose and cable handling
  • Modifications to 3.3kV and hydraulic break point frames to eliminate the danger of personnel injury when servicing
  • Total replacement of all hydraulic hosing, manifolds and electric cabling
  • Engineering design work for reconfigurations and modifications
  • Repair, upgrade and modification of 12 individual monorail transport sleds

This overhaul was carried out during a challenging time when skilled labour was in high demand within the industry. Being a labour intensive project, this created further challenges to deliver the project on time.

Delivery was achieved with equipment on site when required to an acceptable industry standard driven by INORAiL’s AS9001-2015 Quality Management Systems.

Longwall Pump Shearer Water Boost Pressure Control
Main Gate Controlled Pump Station (MCPS)

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